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Happy New Year - Under 13 State Team

Updated: Aug 21

A little late, but we would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.  

First tournament in 2015 is started with the under 13 Tri Series and Regional Team Challenge at Altona Badminton Stadium, then Australian under 13 National Championship.

The teams are as follows:

Victoria Team 1

Ryan Venpin (BAV), Ross Audley (BAV), Otto Zhao, Jack Yu, Irene Chau (BAV), Angela Yu, Tiann Young and Kaitlyn Ea (BAV)

Coach: Lenny Permana

Manager: Krystel Venpin

Umpire: Kenny Yew

Victoria Team 2

Jeremy So (BAV), Austin Swamy (BAV), Joshua Ea (BAV), Gary Chau (BAV), Sydney Go, Anthea Ng (BAV), Fiona Le and Latisha Gay

Coach: Jane Marney

Manager: Duc Le

Umpire: Margaret Lee

We will also be sending a BAV team to compete in the Regional Teams Challenge, happening on the same day.

The team are as follows:

BAV Team

Kalana Kannangara, Liam Rhimes, Kijen Lew, Garren Cheung, Elim Tai, Gloria Li, Bethany Li and Yee-Yuan Lim

Coach: Ashwant Gobinathan

Manager: Adam Rhimes

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