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Under 13 Triple Win!

Updated: Aug 21

Congrats to Joshua Ea on winning under 13 boys singles, boys doubles with Gary Chau (BAV) and mixed doubles with Gloria Li (SEBA) at the Western Suburbs Badminton Association Junior Under 13 Tournament last weekend. This is Joshua's first singles title and first time to win all three events in the one tournament. Congratulations again!

Several BAV players including some from our under 11 group, competed in the under 13 tournament, with most of them having to play against players 2 - 3 years older than them. BAV did exceptionally well, with some being an all BAV final.

Here are the results of the Under 13 tournament:

Boys Singles WINNER - Joshua Ea Boys Singles R/UP - Gary Chau Boys Singles S/F - Vincent Chen Girls Singles S/F - Yee-Yuan Lim Boys Doubles WINNERS - Joshua Ea & Gary Chau Boys Doubles R/UPS - Kijen Lew & Vincent Chen Girls Doubles S/F - Serena Lin & Yee-Yuan Lim; Anushka Sridhar & Kishen Lew Mixed Doubles WINNERS - Joshua Ea (& Gloria Li) Mixed Doubles R/UPS - Gary Chau (& Latisha Gay)

Four of our top under 15 players, Kaitlyn Ea, Irene Chau, Ross Audley and Ryan Venpin all competed in the WSBA under 17 tournament that ran over both days of last weekend. Congrats to Ryan on winning the Boys singles and Kaitlyn and Irene on winning the girls doubles. BAV are extremely proud of all the players who competed and these results are just the reflection of the hard work BAV students put in at training.

Here are the results of the Under 17 tournament:

Boys Singles WINNER - Ryan Venpin Boys Doubles R/UPS - Ryan Venpin & Ross Audley Girls Doubles WINNERS - Kaitlyn Ea & Irene Chau Mixed Doubles R/UPS - Ryan Venpin (& Tiann Young) Mixed Doubles S/FS - Ross Audley & Kaitlyn Ea

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