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Altona Open & Graded Results

Updated: Aug 24

Here are the results from weekend's open and graded at Altona North.

Well done to our BAV players, persevering through multiple lockdowns. Good effort everyone!

Open Women's Singles

Louisa Ma

Round 1: Bye

Round 2: lost to Joy Lai (HPB) 15-21, 19-21

Open Mixed Doubles

Louisa Ma & Anthony Wong (HPB)

Round 1: lost to Sydney Go (HPB) & Thomas Ng (WSBA) 15-21, 14-21

B Grade Women's Doubles

Kaitlyn Rodrigues & Elin Vercruysse (Infinity)

RR Match 1: lost to Jing Situ (ABC) & Zi Ye (Badm. Conn.) 23-30

RR Match 2: def. Celine Vinot (Smashers) & Saranya Rajkumar (NT) 30-11

RR Match 3: lost to Michelle Lac & Natasa Miklic (WSBA) 26-30

RR Match 4: lost to Aretha Loke & Erica Cochran (Melb Uni) 6-30

C Grade Women's Singles

Jasmine Jap

RR Match 1: lost to Elin Vercruysse (Infinity) 28-30

RR Match 2: def. Celine Vinot (Smashers) 30-20

Kaitlyn Rodrigues

RR Match 1: def. Verity Trott (WSBA) 30-19

RR Match 2: lost to Hayley Saw (HPB) 16-30

Monica Chen

RR Match 1: lost to Wendy Guo (PBA) 28-30

RR Match 2: lost to Rebecca Sagily Antony Raj (WSBA) 7-30

C Grade Men's Singles

Aidan Beh

Round 1: lost to Jiafeng Zheng (Deakin) 11-30

Plate R1: lost to Amith Nelluri (WSBA) 17-21

Brian Johnson

Round 1: lost to Adrian Aw (PBA) 16-30

Plate R1: lost to Owen Lim (Infinity) 11-21

Caleb Teo

Round 1: lost to Yu Ken Goh (WSBA) 17-30

Plate R1: def. Charlie Sambevski (Play Badm.) 21-5

Plate R2: Bye

Plate R3: def. Yash Jha (WSBA) 21-19

Plate QF: lost to Caleb Chia (Infinity) 13-21

Cayven Teo

Round 1: def. Ke Duong (HPB) 30-25

Round 2: lost to Nevil Sabu Alex (Sportive) 18-30

James Guo

Round 1: lost to Shaun Li (HPB) 9-30

Plate R1: lost to Mike Dai (JT Ultra) 8-21

Nithik Vijayanand

Round 1: lost to Alex Cameron 21-30

Plate R1: def. Connor Vincent (Ballarat) 21-8

Plate R2: Bye

Plate R3: Abhiram Sakhamuri (WSBA) 17-21

Richard Pham

Round 1: lost to Yao Yang Wan (PBA) 17-30

Plate R1: def. Jared Olsen (Ballarat) 21-15

Plate R2: Bye

Plate R3: lost to Caleb Chia (Infinity) 13-21

Shawn Widarja

Round 1: lost to Evan Rusli (HPB) 16-30

C Grade Women's Doubles