• Lenny Permana

BAV Juniors & Regional Teams Championships 2012

Updated: Aug 22

Hi all


Congratulations to all the winners and runners up and well done to all our players who played and performed well at BAV Junior last Sunday.

Thank you once again for all our committee members who prepared well prior to the tournament and all the volunteers on the day of the tournament.

Without everyone contribution, it is impossible that we can run a successful tournament.


These are our BAV teams for Regional team events on the 19th August 2012. Just a reminder that everyone in the teams will be required to attend this coming Sunday training sessions start at 1pm for everyone (the 2 groups on Sunday afternoon) to prepare for the tournaments and if possible weekdays training Tuesday (6-9 pm) and Thursday night sessions (5-8 pm) for the next 2 weeks (this week and next week).

Until VJBA has confirmed, at this stage we are not sure what the format will be for the Regional team events yet. So once we know, we will let everyone know. Please note that BAV match committees will decide final team arrangement and everyone who agrees to represent BAV will adhere to the finalised team arrangement.


Boys: Austin Swamy, Hayden Ting & Gary Chau

Girls: Irene Chau, Elim Tai & Felicia Angelique Hendriato


Boys: Elton Zhang, William Chau, Jared Song, Felix Wang, Enoch Tai & Aathavan Kuhanandha

Girls: Chloe Chen, Nalini Kuhanandha, Katrina Yang, Carmen Lim and hopefully we can add 1-2 more girls into the team (TBC)


Boys: Eddie Luk, Simon Ou, Darshand Gobinathan, David Kang, Edward Ma & Ben Hudono (emergency Eldon Xu)

Girls: Janice Au, Teresa Chan, Clara Chen, Samantha Lee, Nithma MP & Jenny Ting


Boys: Athi Selladurai, Michael Phan, Walter Chung, Eric Qi, Ian Haryono & 1 more player

Girls: Joy Lai, Adriana Phan, Joanne Au, Sonali Sashikala MP & Estina Zhang


Boys: Ashwant Gobinathan, Matthew Chau & Brendan Tang

Girls: Erica Pong, Kashmira Gobinathan & Rojini Selladurai


If you are a registered member with BAV, you will be given a membership number starting with "BAV" e.g. BAV0001. The club will then pass your registration to Badminton Victoria, which will allocate a BV registration number against your name. It is recommended for you to use the BV registration number for all your tournament entries so that all your match results are linked to a single entity. BV is planning to use match results for accumulating points for National Rankings (but there is nothing to do with selection into the teams). Mainly used as a database to show what tournaments a player has played and what are their results.

Therefore it is to your advantage that you use your BV registration number for all tournament entries.

Please find your BV registration number from it. If you can't find your name there, please send an email to Peter Phan. Please note that the file may be slightly out of date.

You also can see your tournaments results and link at: http://www.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/players.aspx?id=9D118A26-0B75-4536-A1FF-AA54F5ECA3BB

If you want to correct the entry in the recent BAV Junior tournament, please provide your name and BV registration number in an email to bavinc@gmail.com ASAP.

Lenny Permana