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BV Junior Circuit 3 Results

Hosted by Badminton Geelong Inc.

Venue: Leisuretime Sports Precinct, Anakie Road, Bell Post Hill VIC

BAV players in bold

Under 15 Singles

Alphonsa Bijomon

Round 1: lost to Kishen Lew (Infinity) 20-30

Plate R1: Bye

Plate QF: def. Kawaii Cheung (Infinity) 30-20

Plate SF: def Madalyn Wong (Play Badm) 30-19

Plate Final: lost to Vinuki Sethlini Liyanaarachchi (HPB) 22-30

Brian Johnson

Round 1: def. Rehan Shaji (PBA) 30-25

Round 2: lost to Caleb Teo (BAV) 25-30

Caleb Teo

Round 1: Bye

Round 2: def. Brian Johnson (BAV) 30-25

Round 3: lost to Mike Gao (PBA) 26-30

Cayven Teo

Round 1: Bye

Round 2: lost to Shrey Dhand (Play Badm) 7-30

Jasmine Jap Round 1: Bye

Round 2: lost to Smrithi Adepu (WSBA) 21-30

Yuhao Shen

Round 1: lost to Eric Jiarui Chen 22-30

Plate R1: Bye

Plate R2: def. Suyash Tiwari 30-14

Plate R3: lost to Mankaran Singh (Westside) 17-30

Under 15 Doubles & Mixed

Alphonsa Bijomon & Brian Johnson

Round 1: lost to Alex Gao & Elin Vercruysse (Infinity) 13-30

Plate R1: lost to Rehan Shaji & Siyona Shah (PBA) 29-30

Alphonsa Bijomon & Jasmine Jap

Match 1: lost to Kawaii Cheung & Victoria Tan (Infinity) 27-30

Match 2: lost to Isabella Yan & Maureen Wijaya (NSW) 8-30

Brian Johnson & Owen Lim (Infinity)

Round 1: Bye

Round 2: lost to Ryan Si & Yu Ken Goh (WSBA)

Plate R1: def. Kaaviyan Anandan & Ometh Pillay 30-11

Plate SF: def. Aaron Chen & Andy Deng (Infinity) 30-29

Plate Final: lost to Caleb Teo (BAV) & Christopher Go (HPB) 23-30

Caleb Teo & Christopher Go (HPB)

Round 1: Bye

Round 2: lost to Om Neelam & Shrey Dhand (Play Badm) 25-30

Plate R1: def. Edward Lam & Ethan Ong (PBA) 7-30

Plate SF: def. Jamie Zhu & Rehan Shaji (PBA) 30-22

Plate Final: def. Brian Johnson (BAV) & Owen Lim (Infinity) 30-23

Cayven Teo & Yuhao Shen

Round 1: lost to Kelvin Si & Shih-Yuan Lim (Infinity) 28-30

Plate R1: def. Erik Rusli & Jason Zhang 30-22

Plate QF: lost to Jamie Zhu & Rehan Shaji (PBA) 17-30

Well done to the players for persevering through multiple lockdowns and uncertainty, all the mental and physical obstacles.

Thank you to the parents and coaches.