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National Junior Carnivals Survey

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Hi all

It is a survey asking all our members to have their voices and opinions for the carnival formats.

For those who have never been part for any of VIC State teams (I put in a very short forms below):

  • there are 3 junior carnivals in a year those are under 13 Tri series, under 15 Val Nesbitt carnival, under 17 June Bevan carnival and under 19 CP Maddern carnival.

  • most of the carnivals play team events first follow by the individual events after the completion of the team events.

  • approx. days of the tournaments: under 13 (2 days, 1 day team events and 1 day for the individual events), under 15 (5-6 days, 2-3 days of the team events and 2-3 days of the individual events), under 17 (6-7 days; 3 days of the team events and 3-4 days of the individual events).

All the players only eligible to play and get selected into the VIC State teams if:

  1. they play VIC Junior selection tournaments with good results

  2. nominated themselves for the selection (usually there is a form each player need to fill in and send back to the VIC Junior badminton for each age group).

Based on those, the survey are below...

We appreciate if most of the players especially those who have been part of the VIC State teams in any age group can reply to this email by this weekend (Sat 25/5/13) and based on those info, we will put the opinion forward to the VIC Junior badminton.


Members survey with the possible change in format for Junior carnival.


VJB in an attempt to address occasionally some State Team player(s) do not try their hardest during team event part of the carnival, in order to "reserve" their energy for the individual event,( which normally take place during the second half of the carnival,) asks all clubs to find out from their members regarding this possible change.

The questions we ask our members to response are listed below, but only answer to the format that you prefer:

  1. Do we want to retain the current format of Team Events and Individual Events held over a week (for U15, U17 and U19) OR

  2. Do we want the format changes to Team Events only, and Individual Events only held over a separate time frame? Each of this tournament will be shorter. (This means if your child/children is/are in the State Team, they could travel up to more than two times a year to play in the carnival)


Lenny Permana

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