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On behalf of BAV and coaches, I just would like to say thank you once again to all our committee members, parents and senior players on your great work on helping BAV to run ‘yet” another successful event yesterday.

We couldn’t have done it without every singles one of your help and contributions on whether behind the scenes, prior to the tournament, set up time, organised everything and on the day.


As some of you are aware, Kobeng is one of the share holder at a new stadium, which will be opened officially on the 10th of August at Clayton (13 Duerdin Rd, Clayton); they named it “Badminton Connect” –

So I just want to let everyone know that we will be having some training and matches with the Singaporean players tomorrow, Tuesday 6/8/13 starts at 8 pm; featuring some of our senior players against them and possibly the old, myself is going to play too…haha.

So if we are welcome if anyone want to come and watch tomorrow night.


  • There will be State Pennant Senior this coming weekend on 10-11 August 2013; lots of senior players including myself will be playing in the tournament – TRAINING ON SUNDAY 11th August is AS USUAL starts at 1 pm for Sunday afternoon group and 10 am for Sunday morning group.

  • The next tournament on the 25th August 2013 will be the Regional team events champs at MSAC and I am drafting the email shortly to be sent to everyone (please note there won’t be any training on that Sunday at Kilsyth for morning and afternoon group, as most of our players in under 11, 13, 15, 17 & 23 will be playing in the events).  We are looking forward to the events.

  • Ballarat Junior under 11, 13, 15, 17 and 23 will be held on 14th September 2013 – entry form is attached.  Please note there is a mistake on the earlier form that I got from Ballarat on the closing date.  The correct closing date is 30th August 2013.  Please discuss with your parents and organise your entry ASAP.

Thank you once again for your great help yesterday and if there is any question, please let me know.



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