• Lenny Permana

VJTC 2013 Results

Updated: Aug 22

Hi all

I would like to especially say thank you first to all managers and coaches who managed and helped the teams today at the team events.

Thanks to Thye-Seng and Wolgang as well on attending the VJB meeting and supported the teams.

Good team work from everyone and as a result; BAV teams won U13, U15, U17, U23 and U11 came runners up; scores 4-4 lost by 7 points at the end.

I think all the players have shown good fighting spirit and supported each other well; thus to us; everyone is a winner and they all deserve to get 50% of the entry fees.

BAV Academy will fund another 25% for U11 as runners up and U23 second team.

Thank you all for the good work!

Lenny Permana

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