BV Junior Teams Championships

August 21, 2016

Well done to team BAV at the BV Junior Teams Championships today. This event has been a tradition since BAV started, clean-sweeping all the age group events. With a few new young players in the team, they however, never fall short when it comes to performing their best. 


Team Line-up:

Under 11

BAV 1 - Ethan Ea, Nils Vercruysse, Anushka Sridhar, Yee-Yuan Lim
BAV 2 - Ben Ea, Caleb Chia, Faris Truong, Kishen Lew, Serena Lin, Simran Dhillon

BAV 3 - Aaron Chen, Patrick Fang, Stanley Lin, Elin Vercruysse, Jasmine Jap, Kawaii Cheung


Under 13

BAV - Garren Cheung, Gary Chau, Joshua Ea, Kijen Lew, Vincent Chen, Akshata Natoo, Isabella Ea, Ruth Gunasegaram, Samantha Jap, Sanduni WIjetunge


Under 15
BAV - Jeremy So, Jordan Lim, Ross Audley, Ryan Venpin, Anthea Ng, Felicia Hendrianto, Irene Chau, Kaitlyn Ea


Under 17

BAV - Alvin Cheung, Jonathan Haryono, Maxwell Hendrianto, Victor Earr, Yew-Ching Phang, Claire Lin, Emilia Doherty, Emily Wu, Le-Ann Lim, Liliyan Zhu


Under 19 

BAV - Darshand Gobinathan, Elton Zhang, Jenny Ting, Joy Lai


In under 11, BAV were able to secure first place, third as well as fourth place. BAV 3, which was the team with the new young players, ended up finishing fourth, playing for bronze medal against their own BAV 2 team. 

In under 13, it was some of our girls' first time competing which meant the boys had to step up. Despite that, the girls overcame their nerves and performed their best which was enough for the team to secure second place.


Final Results:

Under 11 - GOLD & BRONZE (and fourth place!)

Under 13 - SILVER

Under 15 - GOLD

Under 19 - BRONZE


Well done team! And thank you PARENTS for your support as team managers, coaches and cheer squad!






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